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Our Cabinets

Choose from classic solid wood cabinets to contemporary laminate wood cabinets.  Explore our custom paint color combinations to fresh up your kitchen, entryway, bathroom, or anywhere you can free your ideas. Uni One GA provides the finest cabinets and countertops services for every living space and style.


It is the classic, tradition color choice that never goes out of style.


Any way you can do with white. White cabinets brighten up your kitchen with light and fresh feels.

Custom Paint Colors

Customizing your cabinets an unexpected color is a terrific way to put a custom toouch on your kitchen cabinetry. It's also a great option to those who want to be able to see and appreciate the mix and match fun.

Double Shaker Expresso

The Double Shaker Cabinet is a beautiful addition to any kitchen, adding a timeless quality to a run of base cabinets.


Gray is a great choice for a kitchen. You can make it sleek and modern or warm and traditional just by choosing the right undertones for your grays.

Two-Tone Cabinets

With well blended two-toned panels and countertops is the creation allows you to add color diversity to your kitchen.


With charming colors such as HONEY, solid maple wood displays the visible knots and wood graining that gives the kitchen a warm, comfortable, and inviting atmosphere wth a timeless, natural apearance.


The Spice solid wood cabinet brings this kitchen a contemporary look also throws in a twist of sophistication into the mix to achieve a more stylish balance.

Laminate Wood

Laminate wood cabinet offers an option for low maintenance and easy to keep clean.

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